Iconic Awards 2016 (E.C.A.)


In the ICONIC AWARDS 2016 product category organized by the German Design Council (German Design Council), E.C.A. Photocell Washbasin Faucet was awarded the 'Winner' award.

Offering design and functionality together in its products, E.C.A. now returned with an award from ICONIC AWARDS 2016, organized by the German Design Council. The competition, where E.C.A.'s new design photocell washbasin faucet is awarded, is a platform that has a voice in the international arena that adds prestige to many architectural design products.

For Years of Togetherness ...

E.C.A. In the statement made by the R&D center, “E.C.A. Photocell Washbasin Faucet offers the opportunity and ease of use with its sensitive sensor without touching the product. While the product stands out with its suitability for use in general places such as shopping malls, schools, hospitals and sports halls, it contributes to the hygienic environment thanks to the untouched use of the fixture. Combining features such as being durable and water-saving with modern aesthetics, the luminaire is also important for sustainability with its power and energy efficiency. It was emphasized that E.C.A will continue to develop durable, innovative, technological and functional products in all its fixtures in accordance with the motto of "togetherness for years".