A’Design Award 2016 (E.C.A.)


E.C.A. Myra series was awarded the "Silver Award" at the A 'Design Award, which is considered the most important design competition in Europe.

Myra model of E.C.A, the leading brand in the luminaire market, won the "Silver Award" in the A 'Design Award competition.

Stating that they are happy to return from the A 'Design Award competition with an award once again, Elmor General Manager Hakan Günderen said, “We approach and shape our design products that combine aesthetics and function with careful touches, so we think that especially the awards we have recently received and these achievements we have achieved strengthen our brand. We always aim to be innovative in bathroom solutions, ”he said.

Günderen stated that the E.C.A Myra armature series, which they prepared with original design and the latest technologies, has environmentally and consumer friendly technologies and gave the following information:
"Demonstrating the difference that wins the award-winning series of Myra, Turkey for the first time in standard, mid-size and is available in 3 different types, including high. This year, we have prepared products that emphasize savings and security, that is, offering a synchronized integrity. An architect who likes this product can choose a faucet from the same series for washbasins of different colors, designs and sizes. We leave our mark on 2016 with l special products and awards that are worthy of our brands. "

A new trend in luminaires

Bringing a new sense of taste and decoration to bathrooms and kitchens, E.C.A. appeals to those who seek integrity in design with the armatures offered in three alternative sizes. Introduced for the first time in domestic production as standard, medium and high types in 3 different sizes, Myra series sink faucets offer the consumer a wide range of options in terms of both functional and design with different color alternatives.

With its ergonomic structure, the Myra series prevents the risk of burning from hot water and saves natural gas in houses where combi boilers are used, thanks to the battery control that opens in cold. User-friendly batteries offer great functionality thanks to the special water-saving and lime breaker concealed aerator.

All fittings in different sizes of great interest as a new trend in the world market by producing Turkey's first offering E.C.A., continues to set trends in the industry. Drawing attention with its original, stylish and holistic designs, Myra series offers the opportunity to apply alternative size options in washbasins of different heights. Thus, consumers have the opportunity to complete the aesthetic appearance in all spaces.