Design Turkey 2016 (SEREL)


With the new technologies and aesthetic designs it has brought to the ceramic sanitary ware industry, SEREL received the "Good Design Award" with 2 different products in the "Building Components" category of Design Turkey 2016.

As the brand of Elginkan Group, SEREL, one of the domestic and leading companies of the ceramic sanitary ware industry, became the winner of the "Building Components" category of Design Turkey 2016. With its technologies that direct water, SEREL brought a brand new perspective to toilet and urinal cleaning.

Easy Cleaning with a New Perspective on the Flow of Water

Designed using a soft form, SEREL Luvi Urinal provides aesthetics and functionality together. The product is designed to maximize hygiene in urinal cleaning.

In the urinal, where no details are used to make cleaning difficult, the water that provides the cleaning of the reservoir comes with a free flow discipline from a horizontal line formed in the reservoir. The water, which comes out of the horizontal line and encounters the positive relief just below it, can be easily cleaned in the entire chamber with the direction of the relief.

It fully complies with the maximum cleaning concept as it does not contain any intricate areas on the partition.

360 Degree Non-splashing Toilet Cleaning

By directing the cleaning water, Serel created a solution that provides washing of the inner surface of the toilet, eliminating the problem of cleaning the canal part and not creating a splashing problem. Poseidon Closet was designed with the idea that there should not be any details on the building that cause cleaning difficulties in order to eliminate the problems experienced in canal cleaning by clearing the usual recesses.

Since the Poseidon toilet was designed based on the concept of maximum cleaning, the flow system (reservoir structure), surface technology, compatible toilet seat and physical features prioritized cleaning. 4.5 l. Poseidon Toilets, which provide 25% water savings by making full functionality with its functions, are easy to remove-install and have a slow-silent closing feature.

Serel Poseidon Closet can clean every point of the inner reservoir with the form it gives to the outlet of the cleaning water. It has revealed the concept of maximum hygiene with the solution it provides to contain dirty and inaccessible surfaces in the inaccessible points of traditional use toilets.

SEREL Attaches Great Importance to Sustainability

All SEREL branded products are produced according to European standards EPD certified, nature and user friendly technologies that give importance to water saving and hygiene. SEREL Poseidon WC pan 4,5 l. It provides 25% water savings by making full functionality with. SEREL's products, Poseidon Closet and Luvi urinal, which received an award from Design Turkey, thanks to the surface technology "Hygiene +", which is also a SEREL technology; It does not hold dirt, prevents bacterial growth, and is easy to clean. In this way, the product quality can be maintained for years without aging. It can be used as a filling material or as a raw material in firebrick after it has completed its useful life.