Luna Plus X Award


E.C.A. was appreciated also in Europe with its Luna sink battery.

Luna Sink Battery produced for E.C.A. brand by the Elginkan Community, Valfsel Armatür Sanayi, was deemed worthy of award in 'Design' category in Plus X Awards which is accepted as the most respectable design competition pf the world.

The product was designed by Seda KİLİMCİGÖLDELİOĞLU from Valfsel Design Team.

E.C.A., which is among the leading producers of Turkish armature market, keeps remaining on the agenda with its breakthroughs it makes in Design area. Having proven its success both at national and international area for the last 2 years, E.C.A. adds another award to those it has received.

Plus X award has been honouring quality awards with its reliable logo for a long time. This helps the awareness culture of companies designing the future from today. As Albert Einstein said: 'The future interests me far more than the past, as I intend living in it.'

Setting out with this idea, the competition with Plus X awards separates the products, which will also find place in future, from others. Each product presented to be evaluated is examined in detail and discussed in an argumentation process that lasts for a couple of weeks. Later, experts select innovative products according to performance features such as technology, life style and design.

Deemed worthy of award under design category in Plus X Awards, which accepted as one of the most reputable and prestigious awards of the world, E.C.A. once more emphasizes the importance it attaches to design. Having left all its rivals behind, E.C.A. Luba sink battery has a line that reflects 'continuation' and 'integrity' idea with its timeless form. Thanks to its aerator providing water saving, Luba battery sink provides water saving up to 60% by reducing the normal water flow of 12 L/min. to 7 L/min. With this water saving feature, it reflects its environmental consciousness. Moreover, according to product-measurement diagram generated as a result of intensive use analyses and marketing researches, Luba sink battery offers its user the maximum ergonomics with its curved, high length and long output tip.