Stars of Packaging

Bronze Award to E.C.A. in Graphic Design

Results of Crescent and Stars of Packaging Competition organized with the cooperation of TSE (Turkish Standards Institute) and Packaging Manufacturers Association were announced. Among 12 different categories, 'E.C.A. Ecotechnological Packaging' received Bronze Award.

'Competency 2012' awards of Crescent and Stars of Packaging Competition, which is organized by TSE's Golden Packaging Competition and Packaging Manufacturers Association (ASD) incorporated by 2012, found their owners. 'E.C.A. Ecotechnological Packaging' made it to the finals among 170 packaging that applied, and Ecotechnological Packaging' received Bronze Award. Having received Bronze Award under the category 'Graphic Design' in the award ceremony organized in Four Seasons Hotel in September 3 2012, 'E.C.A. Ecotechnological Packaging' draws attention with its stance that is respectable to environment, and emphasises it makes on sustainability principles of natural resources and importance of ecological balance. Bearing the lines of Seda Kilimcigöldelioğlu, the successful designer of E.C.A. Valfsel Armatür Sanayi, 'E.C.A. Ecotechnological Packaging' aims to raise its consumer's awareness for a sustainable future.

4.500 trees are saved annually with 'E.C.A. Ecotechnological Packaging', which is produced with recycled material and less paint, releases less amounts of carbon dioxide since it is designed in minimal sizes and provides 'eco' contribution to production costs. Mesh wave motives in graphic design on packaging emphasizes sustainability. While blue waves symbolize our limited water sources and green waves symbolize our depleting forests, merging of these waves inside each other underlines the fact that protection of natural balance and sustainability depend on these sources.

'E.C.A. 'Ecotechnological Packaging' raises its user's awareness with writings on it regarding water consumption and use, and steps forward with its teaching mission by becoming different from its rivals while interacting with a wide population again with this feature from exit of products from factory to their shelving and exhibition. With 'E.C.A. 'Ecotechnological Packaging', packaging, which is the intermediary product supplying the customer with the product, is equipped with these features and success in terms of design is achieved for two times. 'E.C.A. takes an important step in generalizing the awareness of protecting the natural balance by addressing not only to consumers of today but also to the young population who will guide buying decisions of the future.