E.C.A Electra Series leads the way in Turkey by bringing digital technology with water.

E.C.A Electra Series leads the way in Turkey by bringing digital technology with water.

With its Electra Series, which it has created by benefiting from possibilities of advanced technology, E.C.A. creates difference in armature sector by bringing digital technology with water for the first time in Turkey. Having the characteristics of being the first digital battery that met with the user in Turkey for the first time, ELECTRA Series add value to indoors design with its innovative style and minimalist stance. ELECTRA Series is the preference of those looking for difference in armature in today's world where products, in which technological touches meet with precise design, step forward. With its water outlet system and 'eco mind' mode, ELECTRA Series takes its place among environmental friendly products supporting efficient and effective use of energy resources.

Elegant, Delicate and Esthetical New Generation

Inspiring from favourite designs of recent years in digital technology, ELECTRA Series integrates compulsory design elements of other faucets to a digital panel and brings them together with advanced technology and fine design. In Electra Series faucets, design of flat and wide bodies becomes softer towards edges create diamond glares.

Technological and Modern

As an innovation in Turkey, all faucets in ELECTRA Series have rectangular shaped digital displays. Flow adjustment (-,+), temperature-coldness adjustment (red-blue) and opening-closing operations are performed over this digital panel. In addition to that, water flows for 10 seconds and stop when the button is pressed once, and flows for 20 seconds when the button is pressed for 2 times. Stepping forward with this water saving feature, Electra Series adds value to future generations. Electra Series makes baths more pleasant by means of the freedom to control the water over the digital panel, which the built-in bathroom faucet in Electra Series has. With its new generation washbasins, built-in washbasins, sink and built-in bathroom faucets, ELECTRA Series expands digital comfort possibilities and helps you to live a different experience. Electra sink faucet is a spiral sink faucet, and control (open/close, hot/cold and flow rate adjustments) is performed over the spiral hand shower. Thus, non-existence of an additional control hand creates a plain appearance on the product.