Having participated in two categories with three products, E.C.A. was deemed worthy of fine design' award in building materials category with E.C.A. Electra Series.

'Design Turkey Industrial Design Awards', third of which was organized this year in order to contribute to branding of Turkey with design, resulted on 30th November.

Awards of 'Design Turkey Industrial Design Awards', which is organized in cooperation with the Ministry of Economy, Turkish Exporters' Assembly and Occupational Institution of Industrial Designers (ETMK) as a TURQUALITY event in order to award good designs, which protect needs of users in Turkey, provide added value to reputation and competitive superiority in export and national market, found their owners with the ceremony organized in Haliç Congress Centre.

While 410 applications were made as product design to Design Turkey 2012 Industrial Design Awards, 376 products qualified to the second round following the pre-elimination performed by the jury. Having participated in two categories with three products, E.C.A. passed the pre-eliminations in building materials category with Marine and E.C.A. Electra Series, and with E.C.A. Eco technical packaging in packaging category.

Designs carrying the lines of E.C.A. ValfselDesign Team were exhibited in Haliç Cultural and Congress Centre between 30th November - 2nd December and E.C.A. products won recognition of visitors.

E.C.A. has proven the importance it gives to design with Design Turkey 2012 Best Design Award.

Having received Design Turkey 2012 'fine design' award in the competition, E.C.A. Electra Series creates difference in armature sector by bringing digital technology with water for the first time in Turkey. Having the characteristics of being the first digital battery that met with the user in Turkey for the first time, ELECTRA Series add value to indoors design with its innovative style and minimalist stance. In today's world, where products, in which technological touches meet with fine design, ELECTRA Series becomes the choice of those seeking difference in armature. With its 'eco mind' mode, ELECTRA Series take its place among environmental friendly products supporting efficient and effective use of energy resources.